Tips, Tricks and Tutorials- the people who inspire me: YouTube Edition

While I was trained as a makeup artist, the thing that I love about makeup artistry is that the trends are forever changing. 2 years ago it was all about the bold brow and now it’s all about strobing; it’s important for a makeup artist’s career to keep up to date with trends and products. Now unfortunately, unlike many professions, there isn’t a lot of printed literature out there, at least not literature that will stay relevant for years to come. So how do I keep up with trends? How do I know what is worth buying and what’s just hype? Where do I learn new techniques? Where do I get inspiration for my and my client’s looks? These are the people I follow (in no particular order) and why…


Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr is a 27-year-old Fillipino-American makeup artist, he specialises in makeup tutorials on celebrities and other Youtubers. Unlike many “beauty gurus” on YouTube, Patrick does the majority of his tutorials on different faces; meaning you can see how aspects of a makeup routine (i.e. contouring) need to be changed up depending on face shape, skin tone etc. I love Patrick not just for his bubbly personality but because of the looks he does on other people and his tips/tricks to being a professional makeup artist.


Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star (31), is a MySpace sensation-turned Cosmetics Boss with his world-famous, cruelty free brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Now, I’m not going to lie, Jeffree can be seen as controversial, but I don’t watch him because of that. Having his own cosmetics brand means he knows a lot about formulas, pigmentation and basically what is worth the money in terms of makeup. This, I appreciate, I enjoy watching his product reviews because he knows what he is talking about in terms of quality of product. I enjoy his crass sense of humour and “realness” as he says and is why I watch him. Plus- his skin routine is insane!



Nikkie is a beautiful girl from Holland and has done collaborations with Ofra Cosmetics and Too Faced cosmetics. I love Nikkie because subtlety is not her game (nor mine), plus she is as pale as snow and a plus-size girl like I am. It took me ages to figure out what contouring products would work with my pale-ass skin without turning it muddy and she delivered my answers. Aside from her contouring routine, Nikkie’s eye looks are breathtaking to watch- her cut crease could slice your enemies. Being a plus-size girl and watching someone like Nikkie really helps with my self confidence also, Nikkie is dominating the online beauty world and it’s inspiring to someone like me.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.43.35 pm

Miss Fame

Miss Fame is a drag queen from season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and as of recently is a model signed with IMG Models Paris. Aside from the fact that Miss Fame is breathtaking, her tutorials are incredibly educational. Typically she paint’s her face onto other drag queens and shows how her techniques can transfer onto different face shapes (i.e. what works and doesn’t for different face shapes). I’ll be the first to say that a good chunk of her videos aren’t personality driven but the education value is great and worth watching- a lot of the personality comes from the drag queen’s she paints on (Willam and Katya etc).


Glam & Gore (aka Mykie)

Unlike the above makeup artists/beauty gurus Mykie is self-taught, but man does she kill the game. Winner of the 2015 NYX Face Awards, Mykie specialises in taking “pretty” looks and putting a SFX twist on them. I love this girl, not only is she such a looney toon but her videos, particularly when relating to SFX, are SO educational. She talks a lot about the safe way to do SFX Makeup (particularly for newbies) and offers tips on using house-hold products as well as the pros and cons of different type of products (i.e. liquid latex vs silicone). The looks she has created are absolutely incredible and it’s mind blowing to see what can be done with things like gelatine and cotton balls. Her NYX Face Awards playlist is particularly worth watching as aside from the SFX supplies all the looks are done with NYX Cosmetics, an affordable makeup/cruelty free makeup brand.

A few special mentions…

I enjoy watching these guys but haven’t been following them for nearly as long- though they are seriously worth mentioning.

Madeyelook- she specialises in body paint and does crazy looks

Mannymua- he’s so much fun to watch, he does makeup tutorials, challenges and reviews

Jaclyn Hill- she has some great videos like “How to apply false lashes” which I’ve found to be really helpful

Ellimacs sfx makeup- short videos on the basics of sf makeup i.e. scars, burns

I apologise in advance for the procrastination that may come about this list, but these people are great and in their own ways are pushing the boundaries of the beauty world which is incredible. I’d love to hear if you guys watch these peeps too or anyone you might recommend I’m always looking for new people to binge watch hehehe…

– Jess Rae xo


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