Easy Cosplay Part 1- Luna

“Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight. Never running from real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon.”

Perth Supa Nova is coming in a few weeks (June 23-25 to be exact) and I’ve always loved cosplayers. Unfortunately for me I’ve never had the time nor skill to create elaborate costumes and so if I have cosplayed it’s been HEAVILY makeup based. I thought for the next 4 weeks I would create a mini-series showing you guys how you can create a distinctive cosplay with makeup and items you have around the house. Welcome to my easy cosplays- no sewing involved, Luna edition.


It’s worth noting, before I ever create some kind of elaborate makeup for a costume I create inspiration boards; this is the one I created for Luna from Sailor Moon, a loveable cat who finds and gives the Sailor Scouts the tools they need to fight evil. I included pics of the character, human-versions of Luna, colour swatches of my colour palette and any makeup pics that might help the planning process. Now to the fun part… the makeup!


Discounting my face prep and foundation/powder these are the products I used for this look: 1. bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette, 2. Crown 35 Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette 3. Da Vinci cosmetics pigment stack, 4. Urban Decay Liquid Moondust eyeshadow in the colour ZAP, 5. BYS Glitter dust, 6. NARS Radiant creamy concealer in Chantilly, 7. MAC Studio Chromagraphic pencil in NC15/NW20, L’Oriel Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim, Urban Decay Perversion mascara, 10. MAC Matte lipstick in In My Fashion and 11. Mecca Cosmetica Luxe False Lashes.

1. Contouring, Highlighting and Cat Features

I haven’t bothered to show my foundation in this tutorial, as there is nothing I’ve done differently for the look, if you want to know how I do my foundation refer to my previous post.

Taking the deep matte purple shade from my Crown palette and an angled contouring brush I contoured my face as normal; under the cheek bones, under the chin and the hair line. I then took a precision crease brush and used that same purple shade to draw a side-ways 3 over the top of my lip- to create the illusion of  a cat-like mouth. I then took the shades Aphrodite and Milky Way from my bh palette and used that to blend out the contouring and cat-mouth to further add dimension. I also dragged some of this colour down my neck so the look is more cohesive.

I then used the shade Moon from my bh palette to highlight. I didn’t use blush in this look, I wanted to look as pale and “moon-child” as possible. Obviously if you don’t have this palette you can’t use this colour so you want to find a highlight or eyeshadow that is white and has purple/holographic reflex in it; this is technically an eyeshadow not a highlight so you could find a similar product.

2. Eye brows and Eye shape

For my eyebrows I used that first deep purple contour shade to fill in my eyebrows and then lined them with my NARS concealer. My eyebrows are quite naturally dark so the pigment doesn’t show up as much as say if I had blonde brows.

Before any eyeshadow make sure you prime the eyes; you wear cosplay makeup for quite some time so by priming the eyes it will improve the longevity of your makeup.

Taking a pink/purple shade from my Crown palette and a fluffy crease detailing brush, I used that for my transition shade. Starting at the outer part of my lash line, I deposit most of my pigment and start blending it upwards following the angle that goes from my nostril to the end of my eyebrow (refer to my previous post for a detailed pic about the angle I’m referring to). I then sweep that colour over just above my natural crease and down the edge of my nose- create a slight nose-contour, and run it under my lower lash line  Make sure you blend the colour out- while it’s a very distinctive shape you’re creating, this is a transition colour and hence shouldn’t be too sharp.


Taking that deep purple, contour shade I deepen the colour in my my outer corner and drag the pigment slightly into my crease. DON’T FORGET TO BLEND!

3. Cut Crease

You see that blank space you have all over the majority of the lid? This is where we cut the crease- the makeup trend sweeping Instagram right now. This is the easiest way I’ve found to a simple cut-crease. Take a light cream product, whether that be concealer or a cream eyeshadow- in this case I used my NARS concealer, and an angled brush. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN and in small swipes draw a line from the inner corner of your eye to 3/4 across, just above your natural crease.

By keeping your eyes open, you avoid the cut crease being hidden by your natural crease, making your work irrelevant.

Now lowering your eyelid, fill in that blank space on your lid with your cream product. KEEP YOUR EYELID LOWERED and immediately set with a powder/eyeshadow of your choice, in this case I used the shade Moon from my bh palette. This prevents your cream product moving around when you open your eye again. Normally I would blend out the outer edge of the cut crease with the deeper shade in my outer corner but i wanted this to stay very sharp for that cat-eye look.


I then took some of my MAC fix+ and a holographic glitter from my Da Vinnci cosmetics pigment stack and placed it over the entirety of my lid. Again you might not have this kind of glitter, you don’t even have to use glitter, but I love glitter so I did. If you choose to use glitter make sure it’s COSMETIC GRADE glitter, craft glitter is tiny shards of glass and if that ends up in your eyes you’re going to do some serious damage to your eyes.

Lastly to reinforce the cut crease I took a clean angled brush and the deeper purple shade and ran it over the top of the crease, to make it stand out more.

4. Gold Details & Eyeliner


Using a detail line brush, and my Urban Decay Liquid Moondust I painted an upside-down crescent moon on my forehead, replicating Luna’s forehead mark. I then painted little stars on the sides of my eyes and some whisker dots towards my mouth. The key element you want to include to make the look distinctively “Luna” is the crescent moon, the other elements are up to your creative liberty. I also used the BYS gold glitter to reinforce the crescent moon to make the moon stand out a bit more.

Taking my MAC Studio Chromographic penic I filled in my lower waterline, to make my eye look bigger. Then using my L’Oriel Super Liner I start drawing out a winged liner (for more details on how to do winged eyeliner refer to my previous post), however what makes this wing different to a typical wing, is I take the liner and also line my inner corner to emphasis the angular cat-shape I’m creating with my eyes.

5. Final Details

Using a mix of a deep pink shade and red shade I used a flat packing brush and drew out a little curved upside-down triangle for a cat-nose, using my L’Oriel Super Liner I drew down a line from my nose to my cupid’s bow.

I then coated my lashes (both upper and lower) with a generous coat of my Urban Decay Mascara. I then placed my false lashes on, these lashes are slightly denser at the outer lash then the inner- creating the illusion of a greater angled cat-eye.

To finish the makeup I applied my lipstick and patted the shade Moon, from my bh palette, over the top. Setting it all the MAC fix+.

6. Nails

Clearly you don’t have to paint your nails or go this extreme, a nice coat of black or dark purple nail polish works just fine, but this is how you create the illusion of claws without cutting your nails as such.

First apply a pale base coat, I used a pale pink colour but you could use white or a light beige etc. Allow the coat to completely dry and then take some tape, in this case I used scotch, and stick it over your nail leaving a narrow triangle bare of any tape.

Paint that bare space with black or dark purple nail polish and allow to dry. Remove the tape and voila- claws for the bad kitty you are.

7. Costume and Accessories

You can wear pretty much whatever you want, Luna is technically dark purple but I don’t own coloured clothing and so I’m wearing black. In this case, a black skater skirt, a black fitted top, black knee high socks and my pentagram heels (the shoes are from Dollskill). Like I said it doesn’t matter so much what you wear for this, but stick to the colour scheme.

For accessories I wore a heart choker, as it reminded me of a cat collar. I wore a selection of moon-themed rings because duh, Luna, and a ring from Lovisa that reminded me of the different planets represented in Sailor Moon.

Lastly and most importantly you want some kind of cat-ear, mine are clip in ears from a previous comic-con I’ve attended. But there are so many cat-eared headbands out there that you could use something like that or even to your hair in little space buns to create “ears”. There are a lot of tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest on how to turn your hair into cat-ears.


As you can see cosplay can be easily done with make-up and clothing items you already own, hopefully you enjoyed this first instalment of Easy Cosplay. I’m so pumped for the other looks you guys will get to see!


Jess xo



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