Easy Cosplay Part 3- Hades

“Memo to me, maim you after my meeting.”- Hades


Hades is my favourite Disney villain of all time, so it was only fitting to do an easy cosplay for this character. For this cosplay I gender-bended Hades and it was so much fun! I may end up being Hades for Supa Nova I loved this so much.


This was my inspo board for my Hades look.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 7.50.04 am

The products I used: 1. Bh Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette, 2.Urban Decay After Dark palette, 3. MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, 4. Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, 5. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, 6. NYX Finishing Powder, 7. NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in Dark Nebula, 8. L’Oriel Super Liner, 9. Kryolan Aqua Colour in TK2 and 10. Mecca Cosmetica Luxe False Lashes

1. I’m Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Daa

If you don’t understand the reference I made, educate your self. As my face is going to be blue, I did not bother colour correcting, I did prime however. Taking my Kryolan Aqua Colour I took a buffing brush and wet it, buffing the blue all over my face, ears, neck and down my chest. If you’re wearing this for a costume and not just for a blog post like me, you’ll probably need someone to help you paint the back of you.

“For a full face/body of paint I would use Kryolan Aqua Colour paints or alcohol activated paints. This is because it isn’t as cakey when applied, and it doesn’t crack when it drys like most cheap face paints do.”

After spending some good time buffing in a few layers of paint I set it with translucent powder.

Taking the shade “Neptune” from my Bh Cosmetics palette (a dark blue shade),  I used that to contour my face, using the traditional “3” shape. I also contoured my neck, collar bone and cleavage (yes I contoured my boobs). To contour your neck/collarbone scrunch up your body and run the contour shade where your body caves in. From the same palette I then took shades “Moon” and “Uranus”  (a light blue and iridescent shade) and used them to highlight my face, and chest.


I then took that dark blue contour shade and filled in my eyebrows. I did square them off more then I usually would, to make them appear more harsh/villainess.

2. Eyeshadow

From my Urban Decay palette I took “Paralyzed” (a dark sparkly blue shade) and a small fluffy brush, starting on the bridge of my nose I carry the shadow slightly above my crease, winging it out. I then brought the shadow down, connecting with my outer eyelash line. With the same shadow I then filled in the outer third of my eyelid with that shadow.

Taking my MAC paint pot and a synthetic brush, I filled in the space on my lid that hasn’t been touched with eyeshadow. I planned to have this part yellow, but I place a base on first so the yellow doesn’t turn green. From my Urban Decay palette I then take a mix of shades “Alter” and “Sinful” (a lighter yellow and a deep gold) and pat it over where I placed the paint pot. Hades has yellow eyes, contacts scare me so while I didn’t want to wear yellow contacts I still wanted that hint of yellow in this very blue look. I didn’t blend the yellow into the blue, I wanted it to be quite crisp and I didn’t want the gold to turn green from blending.


Taking an angled brush and the dark sparkly blue shade I defined my crease further and deposited the shadow on my lower lash line, buffing it out slightly with a small fluffy brush.

3. Eyeliner, Eyelashes and Lips

Using my L’Oriel Super Liner I drew out a dramatic wing, following the angle I created with my eyeshadow. For further details on the “angle” I’m referring to go to my “How to Grunge” blog post. I drew my liner down my inner corner also. I then took my Bobbi Brown gel liner and filled in my water line using an angled brush. To finish my eyes I applied my “Better than Sex” mascara and applied my false lashes.

I finished my face off by overdrawing my lips using NYX “Dark Nebula”. A dark blue lip cream.

4. Hair

I’m not good with hair- I’ll be attending a short course in September to learn how to style hair so believe me when I say if I can do this you can. Leaving out my fringe and a few side pieces I put my hair up in a top bun. Using a curling wand, I curled my fringe and pieces of hair I left out.

Using white, and dark blue hair spray, my little sister sprayed the S#&% out of my hair. Colour hair spay can stain blonde hair if you’re not careful so I applied a base of white hair spray on my blonde bits before going over it with the blue. I then clipped in my “fire” pieces around my bun. Keep reading for more about how I made my “fire” pieces.

5. Body

After putting on my costume, I painted my hands, arms and legs with my Kryolan paint, setting it all with translucent powder.



The black dress I’m wearing is something I’ve owned now for half a year, I bought it from City Chic. If, like me, you can’t sew that’s fine, all you have to do is wear a black, grey or dark blue dress. It doesn’t have to be long like mine, but it’s better for it to be flowy, to replicate that Grecian style.


To create the belt and skull broach I made all you need is sheets of felt (2x light blue, 1x dark blue/navy and 1x white), a black/navy scarf, scissors and fabric/craft glue.

Firstly you want to take your light blue sheets of felt and cut out triangles. I drew out triangles that were roughly 6cm long each side, you can make them as big/small as you’d like. I then glued them along the edge of my old black scarf in an alternating pattern (point facing down, point facing up, etc). I finished the belt by cutting the excess of the scarf off my belt.

I would like to note when I was having my pics taken, I was not told one of my triangles was falling off- my bad.

Taking the navy felt I created a stencil of the general shape I wanted my skull to be and cut it out. I then trimmed my stencil down slightly, as well as splitting it into two sections (semicircle and trapeze shape) and cut the smaller skull shape from the white felt.

I glued the white semi-circle shape to the navy felt leaving the navy peaking out on the sides. I then cut the trapeze white shape into three sections (teeth) and glued them under the semi-circle with gaps between each tooth. Cutting out “tear drop” shapes out of the navy felt I then glued those to the white semi-cicle creating angry-looking eyes.


To finish the broach I cut out a navy rectangle, glued the top and bottom of it to the back of the skull so I could thread a safety pin through it. I used the broach to secure my belt to my dress.

Hair pieces 

To make my “fire” pieces you’ll need, light blue card, dark blue card, a glue stick, scissors, tape and hair clips.

First I drew big flames and little flames on the two pieces of card and cut them out. I then glued little flames onto big flames, making sure that if the big flame was dark blue the little flame was light blue and vice versa. I then taped the hair clips to the flames. Guys this is seriously so easy to do both the belt and the hair pieces, no crazy tools, sewing skills or hot glue was required.


In my imagination, a female Hades would be obsessed with jewels, she is a Goddess after all. With this in mind i wore lots of rings: small black ones and big jewelled ones. I also wore a black jewelled necklace and black studs. I chose to wear my boots as I didn’t feel like painting my feet but if you want to go ahead and wear strappy heels- it’d probably be more Grecian looking that way.

This is probably the most involved costume I’ve ever made and it was super easy and quick. I was so happy with how this turned out- this week I had exams and so this was definitely the highlight of my week. It was truly so much fun to turn myself in to Hades, I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did.

Jess xo


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