Easy Cosplay Part 4- Scarecrow

“He was a king now. He was powerful. He was smart. And he was getting smarter by the minute.” The Scarecrow


We all know the whimsical tale of Dorothy and her 3 friends who take down the Wicked Witch of the West, but what if Dorothy came back to Oz after her adventure? That is what the twisted series Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page explores, how the magic of Oz corrupts the 4 once innocent friends and have to get taken down by the Order of the Wicked. The Scarecrow was always my favourite character in the Wizard of Oz and in Dorothy Must Die that once cheery/simple character is warped in to a bloodthirsty King forever starving for knowledge. He goes about the series to experiment on Munchkins and Winged monkeys alike, disgustingly twisted experiments, and so this is my take on the now twisted Scarecrow.


Like always this is my inspo board for the look.


The products I used are as follows: 1. Kryolan Aqua Colour in White, 2. Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette, 3. Kryolan scab blood, 4. Kryolan F/X Blood (Dark), 5. Kryolan Aqua Colour in Black, 6. Face & Body paint in Brown, 7. MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NW10, 8. MAC Mineralize Foundation in NW25, 9. Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Foundation in Dark and the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette.

1. Face and texture

I would like to preface this with I spent a good 40 minutes trying to block out my eyebrows but I just couldn’t accomplish that and I was running out of daylight. I ended up wiping it all off and decided to incorporate my eyebrows into my stitching.

I did prime my face and neck before applying anything, and I didn’t bother colour correcting before applying my base, as I’ll be using darker shades then my skin to cover my face and neck. Taking a selection of sponges (I used stippling sponges and dish sponges) and a mixture of my MAC foundation in NW15 & NW25 I dabbed it all over my face and neck. “Dabbing” has really ruined that verb for me. I used a darker shade of foundation to mimic the colour of burlap, the kind of fabric the Scarecrow is made from. I used a variation of sponges and brushes to create a rough kind of texture, the same as the burlap. This is not the time to look “air-brushed”.

I then took a lighter shade of foundation (MAC NW15) and stippled it over the high points of my face (top of my cheek bones and the center of my forehead). I took a darker shade of foundation (MAC NW25) and stippled over the contours of my face, using the “3” shape and where my neck dips in slightly. I realise the Scarecrow is literally a sack full of hay but I’d like to have some kind of shape to my face.

To further add texture I took my brown Face & Body paint and stippled it in random sections of my face to create a “stained” kind of look. I used that dark brown to further deepen my contour and to deepen my eye sockets. I’ll be creating buttons for eyes and so deepening the eye sockets will create shadows behind the buttons.

I then took my Kryolan Aqua Colour in black and further deepened those contours, I would like to mention I barely touched my face with the black, you want to be as light-handed as possible with the black. With regards to the stippling of the various shades of brown/black you can be messy, this is not a “neat” look so feel free to make it completely messy and random.

2. Buttons and Sectioning


Taking the same black paint I drew large black circles for my buttons and filled them in. I then set that black paint with my black eye shadow (“Blackout” from my Urban Decay Palette), I also run some of that shadow over my eyelashes to help blend them in.

Taking my NYX contour palette, I take a medium contour shade (“Toffee”) and an angled brush, drawing out lines where my sections of “burlap” would be. Like the “staining” you can be random with the lines, it’s up to you where your sections are. I then took a lighter contour shade (“Sculpt”) and drag it out from the lines I’ve created. To do this you need to decide which “pieces” will be overlapping, you don’t create the shadows on the “pieces” that will be overlapping, rather the “pieces” being over lapped. This helps to create dimension in your “pieces” and creates that disjointed “sewed-together” look.

To deepen the seams I apply “Blackout” and run it over the lines, dragging out the shadow like I did with the lighter contour shade. I then applied a matte highlight shade (“Soft Light” from the NYX palette) to the centre of the “pieces”. I finished off the “pieces” by running a touch of my Kryolan Aqua Colour “White” on the other side of the seams, further highlighting the “pieces” that are overlapping.

3. Stitches and final touches


Taking my Kryolan White paint I drew out stitches in a random pattern, I used a selection of “I” stitches and “X” stitches.

To give the stitches further dimension I used the shade “Sculpt” from my NYX palette to create a shadow on one side of the “I” stitches. On the “X” stitches I chose which stitch would be overlapping and run the contour shade down both sides of the stitch. Taking a fine detailer brush and “Blackout” I drew little semi-circles at the ends of the stitches, as if they are the holes the thread is coming out of. I reinforced the highlights of my stitches by running the white paint back over the top.


Taking that same white paint and a fine detailer brush I ran lines around the inside of my buttons and created little semi-circles/points for the holes of the buttons. To finish the face off I stippled blood over random sections of my face, the Scarecrow takes part in bloody experiments and so I wanted to create bloody stains on his burlap.

“I have sfx-grade fake blood and scab blood but there are so many on-line recipes for fake blood, you don’t need to use the expensive stuff.”

Taking the various shades of foundation, paint and blood I stippled it all over my arms and hands, concentrating the blood at my finger-tips.

4. Costume

Denim and plaid are the traditional fabrics the Scarecrow wears but I don’t own blue denim or plaid. I wore grey tights and boots for my bottom half- I didn’t want to have to paint my legs. For my top half I took a navy t-shirt dress, safety pins and fabric swatches. I cut up those fabric swatches into different squares of fabric and pinned them to my dress with safety pins. If you don’t have cut-offs of fabric like I do you can cut up old t-shirts to create patches for your clothes. I finished off my costume by sticking some hay down my boots and through some patches.

I have rabbits so I have an abundance of hay but if you don’t have hay or you’re allergic you can just shred up some yellow paper for a similar effect.

My hair is naturally curly and chaotic so I just let it out of my pony tale and teased it up slightly. You could wear a hat with some fake hay or even dip the ends of your hair in blood if you want to evaluate this look further.


This was my most “involved” makeup look but I’m pretty stoked that I accomplished it, despite the look scaring all the children at my local park- whoops.

This past 4 weeks have been a really fun project of mine, let me know if you want more of these kind of tutorials in the future!


Jess WS xo


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