Beauty Gift Guide

I don’t know about you other makeup obsessed peeps, but people can find it hard to buy me gifts or for me to know what I want. Being a makeup artist I own SOOOOO much makeup and essentially all I ever want is more things for my kit. For those in a similar predicament I have a few ideas for you at different price points:

1. Face Mask Subscription Service- $15


For the girl obsessed with face masks and in particular Korean/Japanese face masks this is the gift for them. FaceTory is a monthly subscription service where they send you 4 different face masks a month. At it’s base value the service is $5 a month but then you do have to pay for shipping, for me it’s $10 shipping, but it still makes for a cheap gift if you do it once off. When you purchase it once you are committing to monthly transactions but it’s fairly straightforward to cancel your subscription if you want to do it once.


In the month I purchased, I received 4 masks for: brightening and anti-aging. I’m fairly picky about face masks because I am so affected by scent but these all had fairly subtle perfumes if like me strong scents bother you.

These were all fairly rejuvenating, and I like the fact that I don’t have to refrigerate these. I always forget I have face masks in my fridge and so they expire before I can use them all up, so sheet masks are great for someone like me. You get a mask for each week of the month and it’s just something new to try out so it’s a bit of fun. It is also worth mentioning that on the site you can purchase specific masks rather than opting for the random selection you would receive in a subscription service.

2. Beauty Box Subscription Service- $25


There are so many beauty box subscription services that specialise in different types of products. When choosing one to try out for this post I chose bellabox because it was Australian-based and so I didn’t have to pay for shipping, it was also fairly reasonably priced for the amount of items you get. In the box you get 5+ sample products from drug store brands such as NYX to higher-end brands such as Benefit Cosmetics.


I enjoyed this box because I received products that I wouldn’t necessarily purchase full-size products of without trying first. I also received a ColourPop liquid lip which I’ve always wanted to try but I’m always so hesitant to purchase products online that I can’t at least swatch first.

The box also includes a slip that details the products, what they’re for and where you can purchase them. Again like FaceTory you can just opt to purchase specific products rather than then subscription box but the boxes are fun because it’s a surprise.

If you don’t want to pay $25 per month for a box it is fairly simple to cancel your subscription also.

3. Lip Lap- $55+


For a personalised gift making your own lipstick, lip liner or lip gloss is so much fun. For $25 for a personalised lip liner to a lipstick + foundation for $125 Lip Lab can make any shade and finish of lipstick you want, you can add scents and flavours for extra also.

CoP_Spotlight On The Lip Lab Perth_5

The Lip Lab is especially popular for birthdays/bachelorette parties, and so this could be a fun group activity. I’ve made my own lipstick at Lip Lab and the whole process is so fascinating to me- and so much fun! This could be a fun outing for you and your bestie or even a great Mother’s Day gift.

At the end of your appointment they do note the colours they used and your shade name so if you wish to make that exact colour again they have it on file, which I think is a nice added bonus if you’ve made  your perfect shade.

4. MAC Techniques- $120

I don’t know if MAC does this world-wide but in Perth, typically once a month, they hold a MAC Techniques Night. I have been to almost every one my local MAC counter has held, for networking purposes; but for Mother’s Day and friend’s birthday I purchased them a ticket to attend. At a MAC Tech for $120 you receive:

  • Drinks & snacks (at my MAC counter they serve water, champagne, soft drink, cheese/fruit platters and chocolates)
  • Access to MAC after hours
  • 1 hour demo with MAC makeup artists explaining to you in detail products and techniques
  • 1 hour to shop with a MAC makeup artist who will help pick things out for you and try them on you
  • $120 worth of product of your choice

Obviously this is a pricey item but you are getting that money back in products. Unlike the subscription services you are getting to pick what you actually want. I enjoy MAC Tech nights but I also know all the MAC employees from my counter, it could be a bit intimidating for someone who has never been and they’re by themselves. This is better as a social event and so I would recommend getting this for someone if you yourself will also be attending with them.


Beauty-obsessed people are both the easiest and hardest people to buy for so hopefully this helps a bit.


Jess xo



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