What I Hate About the Beauty World

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This is probably an odd post to see a makeup artist write, but like any job, I don’t like 100% of it, there are aspects of it that are frustrating. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about why Makeup is Important, and its true I believe makeup for certain people is important; and while I am mostly for makeup there are things I hate about the Beauty World. Obviously on top of my list is the animal cruelty and waste aspect that the beauty world contributes to- it’s not beneficial for the planet.

In the intent of full disclosure I do use products that due to being supplied in China, use animal testing for their products and yes I an awful human being, I realise I’m a hypocrite. However if I were in the financial position to use/test all products from cruelty-free brands, I would, until then, for my financials, I have to use what I know works well for me and my clients.

Aside from the animal-cruelty and the waste the Beauty World creates there are more complicated reasons of why I hate the beauty world.

1. The body-image issues it creates

I personally never wore makeup in High School and most days out of the week I don’t wear makeup. When I was in High School and even now I was/am a bigger girl, no one had any interest in me romantically because of that and so I never bothered with makeup. I would like to mention that while I have a boyfriend now who is truly the greatest (yes, he does read these posts- Hi babe 🙂 ) I never wanted nor needed a partner prior to meeting my boyfriend and saw no point in wearing makeup to impress people.

As mentioned in my previous post I have never worn makeup to impress someone else or to improve my self-worth. However the Beauty World prays on people’s self-image and the beauty campaigns/ads promote a certain image of beauty that frankly no one not even those models can fulfill. It angers me that women like Kylie Jenner (a teenager full of silicone- due to media attention) are what teenage girls are trying to become. Kylie Jenner is technically younger then me and yet she looks so much older then me, because the Beauty World sets such impossible standards.

We all remember the “Kylie-lip challenge” the challenge in which girls would use shot glasses to make their lips look fuller; yeah well Kylie’s lips are filled with lip-fillers. While there is nothing wrong with that, the Beauty World bombarded us with ads and products that would give us our “dream” lips. When did it stop being ok to look like our selves? When I go to the city and see groups of teenagers that all look like the forgotten Kardashian sisters I get concerned- where is your individuality people?

The Beauty World just loves to bombard us with products that are supposed to make us look like these impossible beauty standards, and pray on the majority’s insecurities. Frankly you are no less of a person with or without your winged liner; and I don’t know about you but I pick my friends and romantic interests based on personality over who can contour away their double chin. Your worth comes from within my loves, not from a cut crease that could slice your enemies.

It saddens me when 44% of women feel “unattractive” without makeup, a statistic that is growing due to the “beauty standards” the Beauty World promotes.

2. Cost

Returning back to my point about animal cruelty, if products were cheaper the more humane products would be far more accessible to more people.

Furthermore, for those people who do “need” makeup to feel secure in their own skin the good products cost so much.

Lets take for instance Dermablend, Dermablend is a line of makeup designed for people who need to camouflage tattoos, and skin disorders (ie vitiligo, scarring etc). However a simple tube of foundation costs around $60; so many of Dermablend’s “success” stories come from people with skin disorders, who feel more like themselves with the product on, as they are no longer stared at for their skin disorder. And yet this makeup, that’s designed to “help” people, costs $60, riddle me that logic.

3. Beauty companies mislead with their marketing strategies

Words like “hypoallergenic”, “anti-aging” and “natural” don’t have true definitions that regulate what they actually need to contain/do in order to fulfill those words. There are no Federal regulations for these words and companies do not need to have their products FDA approved to use these words in their marketing/packaging.

In regards to “natural” chemicals such as arsenic can be labeled natural as it comes from the earth, so natural doesn’t necessarily mean “better” or “non-toxic”.

4. They don’t care about you

Now I’m not saying makeup artists don’t care, if your makeup artist is good they should definitely care about you and more importantly your face, but the Beauty World doesn’t. The fact remains, the Beauty World wants to make money, they create “problems” and market them as such in a way that makes you feel like you need to fix them. The Beauty World is not your friend, they’re that passive aggressive family member that tells you “you’re looking fuller these days,” and make you feel insecure.


The biggest point I want to get across is no one “needs” to wear makeup, if you wish to because it makes you feel more confident or because you like to experiment that’s fine- lord knows that’s why I wear it. But I can’t stress enough that your worth as a human being doesn’t come from your highlighter or your blended transition colour, it comes from you.

Jess xo


2 thoughts on “What I Hate About the Beauty World

  1. I totally agree with you.
    I don’t like when young girls want to look like Kylie Jenner, which is not natural, beautiful and appropriate for her age. Girls (and people in general) have to be themselves and happy with their natural beauty.
    In that way I feel they want to be someone else… For me, Makeup is something supplementary, like an accessory, enhancing our natural beauty, not covering insecurities.

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