Makeup for a First Date


So this week marks my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend; I’m the last person who expected to enter a committed relationship but here I am, he’s pretty spectacular. I thought, in honour of my 1 year coming up, I’d walk you through what I painted on my face for my first date with my now boyfriend. Maybe I’ll tell you guys how we first met in more detail but for now, it’s worth mentioning that this was essentially a blind date; we didn’t know each other and we’d only seen pictures of each other before we met. I am truly lucky to have met the man I get to call my boyfriend.

I here all the time that guys prefer “natural” makeup or none at all, when I wear makeup I can look very intimidating and for those who know me well, I’m anything but; so for my first date I wore a toned down version of a typical “me” look. Still Goth Barbie, but Goth Barbie visiting her grandparents, lighter and not so “Adams’ Family”. Last year I wasn’t fond of my body but I lived with it, and so I would compensate with makeup to make me feel more confident in my skin.

And yes, why doing this look for today’s blog post I was in my PJs, it’s getting colder here and they’re comfy.


The products I used as follows: 1. Anastasia Beverly hills Nicole Gherriero Glow Kit, 2. NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, 3. Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, 4. Urban Decay Perversion mascara, 5. MAC Studio Chromagraphic  Pencil in NC15/NW20, 6. L’Oriel Paris Super Liner, 7. Hourglass Vanish stick in Blanc, 8. Stila Correct and Perfect palette, 9. MAC Semi-Sweet Times Nine, 10. MAC Eyeshadow in “Charcoal Brown”, 11. NARS Radiant Concealer in “Chantilly”, 12. MAC powder blush in “Full of Joy” & 13. NYX HD Finishing Powder.

1. Concealer, Foundation & Contour


Starting with my Stila Concealer palette, I colour correct my face and applied my Hourglass foundation; being the naturally anxious person I am, I didn’t get too much sleep the night before my date, so I desperately needed to cover those dark circles. I then applied my Radiant Concealer, a brightening concealer, to further help conceal those dark circles, setting my entire face with my NYX HD Powder. When I met my now boyfriend I was 15kg heavier and so I was super self-conscious about my body; I compensated with my face, more importantly my contour.


Using the cool-toned brown shade from my NYX contour palette,  I contoured more prominent cheekbones and helped disguise my double chin a bit. I would like to mention that the past 7 months I have become more accepting of my body and later I plan on writing a post about self-love. There was nothing fancy about the way I contoured that day, it was just the traditional “3” shape I refer to in “How to… Grunge”. I then highlighted the tops of my cheekbones, my cupid’s bow and my nose using the shade “Forever Young” from my Anastasia palette. To add some colour in to my cheeks, so I wasn’t completely the walking dead, I added my MAC blush to the apples of my cheeks.

2. Brows & Eyes


I filled in my brows by drawing a line of MAC “Charcoal Brown” using an angled brush along the base of my brow and the top of my brow, brushing the pigment into my brow. To tidy up my brows I lined my brows with my NARS concealer using a clean angled brush. I then primed my eyelids.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 7.33.40 am

The shades I used as follows: 1. Bamboo, 2. Pink Sienna, 3. Persuade, 4. Dance in the Dark & 5. Everyone’s Darling


Over my entire lid and continuing past my crease, I used a fluffy brush and took “Bamboo” & “Pink Sienna” to set my primer and to allow for easier blending in the future. I focused most of the pigment in and above my crease.


Through my crease and creating a winged angle I took “Persuade” and a smaller fluffy brush. To deepen my outer corner I took the smallest touch of “Dance in the Dark” with my fluffy blending brush and blended it out into my crease. My first date was during the day and so I figured black would be a little harsh, taking this taupe & darker purple/black means I was still getting that darkness but without the raccoon illusion. I have very blue eyes so warmer tones make the cooler tones of my eyes pop, hence why I used this warmer toned purple.



Over the rest of my lid I took “Nectar” from my Too Faced palette, a light gold colour, and a flat packing brush; taking a clean fluffy brush I blended the eye shadow. I brought some of that darker purple/black shade on my outer lower lashline, to make the eye look more cohesive. To then add some colour into my face, because I was wearing all black on my date, I took “Everyone’s Darling” and an angled brush and ran it across my lower lash line.

3. Finishing Touches



I then applied my mascara and my winged liner, for details on how to do winged liner easily, check out “How to… Grunge”. To finish the look I applied my MAC  “Stone” lipstick.

(Sorry I completely spaced in including this in my initial product layout- and I have to go to my day job soon so i can’t re-do it)

I usually wear black or dark purple lipstick but again that can be scary to someone who doesn’t know me very well. I chose this shade because it was slightly softer but still dark. A lot of the times people choose nude lipstick, which is great, particularly if you’re gonna make out because it’s not such a disaster after making out. However up until my current boyfriend I had never kissed anyone, and at 19 I wasn’t about to kiss someone I had only met 2 hours ago, I wanted to know the person my first kiss would go to a bit better. So the darker shade also provided for a kind of preventative measure to being kissed.


So here I am almost a year later from my first date, and it’s been incredible. I’m not going to get gushy or post photos of us here, I’m not one to post about my relationship every day, we like our privacy. Hopefully this less-traditional date look, inspires you to wear darker colours when you might normally not.


Jess xo


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