7 Makeup Tips for Mature Skin


Over the weekend I ran a lesson on makeup for mature skin, it went well and I had a lovely model. For those who couldn’t attend or for those who simply want some tips I’d thought I’d give you my top 7 tips for makeup for mature skin.

1. Start with Skin Care

It’s important to at least cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and evening, I realise this sounds tedious but I’ll explain why it’s important. Cleansing opens your pores and cleans your skin, by getting rid of all that day’s makeup and/or residue you’re not clogging your pores. If you go to bed without taking off your makeup, you’re leaving the bacteria you’ve collected from the day and it prematurely ages your skin. Majority of us fear looking old and so why would you speed up the process and not wash your face?

Toner helps to balance your face’s ph levels and helps to close your pores, so as your sleeping you’re not collecting too much bacteria. Finally moisturising helps to hydrate your skin, dry skin = more prominent lines, that’s why people with oily skin wrinkle at a slower rate, because their skin is constantly hydrated from their own oils. As we get older our skin gets dryer, so adding that moisture back in helps with that.

It’s also important mentioning when you do clean your face, make circular motions going upwards. The circular motions help with blood flow and by going upwards your not training your skin to droop down unnecessarily. Be gentle, as we grow older our skin looses elasticity, so be gentle with how you clean and apply makeup.

Use serums and other skin care products at your own whim but do at least cleanse, tone and moisturise.

2. Prime Your Skin

Primer creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup; it allows for a smoother application process. There are a lot of primers out there but finding the right kind that will fill in some of the finer lines and pores you have will help to lesson the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Less is Always More, Especially with Powder

Foundation powder has a heavy pigment compared to translucent powder and doesn’t settle well into crevices nicely. Cream products are better for mature skin as they settle into the skin better, and it’s easier to build up without the “cakey” effect. Obviously people get shiny throughout the day, if you’re not having to touch up the pigment of your makeup and rather you’re just needing to reduce shine I would recommend blotting paper, or translucent powder if you must. Translucent powder holds no pigment and hence has a finer grain then foundation powder; it doesn’t build up as quickly as foundation powder. If you use a foundation powder for your base try a tinted moisturiser, water-based tinted moisturises and foundations are best. Powder when built up can add texture, texture that isn’t flattering.

4. Avoid Glitter

I know, me saying “avoid glitter” means it the world must be ending but hear me out. A bit of shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes, brow bone and even the top of the cheek is fine, but be very sparring with it. Go for a shimmer/lustre product over glitter; glitter is very similar to foundation powder in that it doesn’t settle it sits on top of your skin and as it’s shine it will draw attention to fine lines rather than disguise them (but honestly if you want to have fun- glitter is epic, it’s just advised to avoid it).

5. The Dome Shape and Eyeliner

As we get older our eyes become more hooded, which means our eyes start to reseed into our head more and we have less lid space that can be seen while our eyes are open. Therefore creating any sort of winged shape with eyeliner or shadow will get lost in the creases of your socket. The ideal “shape” you want to make with your shadow is what I refer to as the “dome”, this is just following your natural socket and going even slightly higher. I would apply the shadow in an upwards motion to avoid your shadow drooping.

I never apply eyeliner on my mature clients, instead I smudge a darker shadow (usually a dark brown or dark purple) into their lash lines. It gives them the definition of eyeliner without the harshness eyeliner can cause- plus it applies more evenly that way.

When I apply shadow on my mature clients I use patting motions, swiping motions pulls that skin on your eyelids, which is already incredibly thin and looses elasticity the quickest.

6. Avoid Black

Again, I know, me saying avoid black is crazy talk, but unless we’re talking mascara, black is a very unforgiving colour for mature skin. Instead use dark purples, browns, greys and even blues. Black is a colour that should be use incredibly sparingly, I’d only ever use it in the deepest part of my client’s outer corner for extra definition, but only just a touch. Similarly to glitter, rather than using black/or glitter to make your eyes pop, use matte coloured shades to make your eyes pop. Think about the colour wheel, to make your eyes standout use colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel to your eyes. For instance if you have blue eyes, warm colours like browns, oranges and warm-toned creams are great.

7. Matte Lips is Where it’s At

Lip liner helps to stop your lipstick feathering and/or bleeding. Matte shades are best, glossier finishes give the illusion of more plump lips but they highlight wrinkles, similarly to glitter.


At the end of the day, wear makeup, don’t wear makeup it’s completely up to you, these are simply tips I’ve learnt over the years to help enhance a mature woman’s face and boost their confidence. Obviously if you want to wear glitter, or have thick liner that is completely up to you and to that I say rock what ever you want to rock, the people who matter shouldn’t care. Be happy with how your face looks whether that’s by wearing no makeup at all or applying all the tips I’ve outline, we’re all beautiful regardless.


Jess xo



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