10 Makeup Kit Essentials

After a rather large purchase via Sephora I was thinking about my Makeup Artistry Kit and more importantly the essentials I carry around- more so the essentials you wouldn’t normally think about. I knew that in my kit I’d need various shades of foundations, powders, eye shadow palettes, etc, those items are fairly common knowledge. This is basically just a run down of some of the essentials I’ve learnt to keep in my kit over my various makeup gigs; I will note some of these are for a “normal” gigs and others are more suited to film/photography shoots.

1. My Makeup Transportation

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.38.49 am

My kit is transported via a tool box, yes that’s right a tool box. The traditional makeup trolley is great if you’re a makeup artist doing tradtional jobs ie balls/weddings. As I do a lot of set makeup my tool box is more heavy duty so it’s easier to transport over rough terrain. A lot of makeup trollies are a couple of hundred dollars, where as this tool box was $96 from my local Bunnings. My tool box also has two compartments so if it’s a smaller gig I can just carry the top part or I can wheel the bottom compartment. My top compartment also has mini compartments which makes my storage for disposables nice and neat.


2. Disposables


Disposables are a must to keep everything hygienic. Going backwards and forwards between powders is fine- it’s a dry material and therefore doesn’t trap bacteria. Cream products however, do trap bacteria if you go back and forward from brush to face. Having plain pop sticks/spatulas means you can scoop out a bit of product and go backwards and forward from stick to face, it keeps your products more hygienic and improves the longevity of them. Obviously you can use the back of your brushes to scope out product but for me that’s kind of messy and I don’t personally like it but if it works for you- awesome!

The other disposals I use include:

  • Mascara wands (NEVER put a used mascara wand back into the mascara, you have just tainted that product and you can’t use it on other clients in case you spread infections)
  • Cotton pads (to wipe down faces etc)
  • Cheap sponges (I use these for creating bruises not for actual foundation application)
  • Cotton swabs (to help erase mascara/eyeliner/lip mishaps)

Disposables are easy to come by at your local pharmacy, Priceline, grocery store, target etc.

3. Mixing tray

If you sanitize your hands, which you should be doing anyway, you can use the back of your hand to place products and to mix. The reason I don’t is because it can get messy really quickly and you don’t want to accidently get foundations on you or your client, but also different creams have different consistencies and could just run down your hand depending on the viscosity. So I use a mixing tray to deposit products and to mix shades of foundations etc. You can purchase a mixing tray from most makeup brush/accessories companies (ie Morphe, Crown Brush Australia) or your local arts supplies store.

4. Towel/Cape

It’s always important to keep your client’s clothes from getting accidently stained, especially if they’re wearing what they’re wearing for the purpose of your makeup (ie a gown, costume). When I started I would just use an old towel and a bull clip around my client, but then for my birthday I was given a hairdresser’s cape, which has been awesome to have in my kit. Having the cape and taking care of my client’s clothes has helped give me an extra professional edge.

5. Brush cleaner/alcohol

This is pretty self-explanatory but if you’re working on multiple people throughout the day you need to keep your brushes/makeup sanitary and having brush cleaner and alcohol is the quickest way to clean brushes and products with minimal drying time. I use paper towels also to clean my brushes.

6. Lint roller

This is more so for a film or photo shoot, but keeping a lint roller in general is again just another thing to give you a professional edge. I have a makeup chair that I bring with me but I also live in a house with a white cat and so there always seems to be white fur on my makeup chair. So I keep a lint roller just in case my client gets some white fur on them, which is every time! But Ollie is too pretty for me to stay mad at.



7. Sunscreen

Again only for shoots that are outdoors- I use a sunscreen that has a matte-finish rather than the usual oily-finish of most sunscreens. It’s really important as a makeup artist to protect your client’s skin, so having sunscreen and an umbrella helps with that. I talk more about this in my post Lights, Camera, MAKEUP!

8. Tweezers/Scissors

This is for fake eyelash application and/or gems/embellishments. There may also come a day where you might need to tweeze a few eyebrow hairs on a client so having tweezers is also useful. It is also useful to have eyelash glue on hand, not all pairs of lashes come with glue so just have it in your kit just in case.

Make sure you check if your client has a latex allergy, if they’re unsure you can do a “patch test” where you apply a tiny drop on your client’s hand at the beginning of your service to see if their skin starts to react to the latex.

9. Hand mirror

You’re client is going to want to see what they look like to make sure they’re happy with your makeup. Let’s be real, makeup palettes rarely have a decent mirror in them so just having one on hand will again give you that professional edge.

10. Hand sanitiser

You’re touching people’s faces so hand sanitiser keeps thing hygienic. You’ll need to reapply hand sanitiser if you touch your own face during the application process.

These are just a few ideas to get your makeup kit started, to make it the most badass and functional kit you can. Happy makeup-ing my lovelies!


Jess xo


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