Do’s and Don’ts of Makeup

I would firstly like to thank everyone who read and supported my last post My Battle with Accepting my Body , the amount of feedback and discussions it has lead to has been astonishing. I plan to write a post about what came of that post, but I thought this week I would write something a little more light-hearted.

When we start out with makeup we make a lot of mistakes that make us look harsh or older, I’m guilty of making all these mistakes when I started out with makeup. So here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts so for those who are starting out, don’t make the same mistakes the rest of us have.



  • Moisturise and prime before applying foundation. Wearing makeup dries out your skin and dry skin leads to faster age lines, so by moisturising you’re slowing down how fast your skin ages.
  • Applying primer creates a barrier that fills in your pores so you don’t clog them up with makeup. If your skin clogs up it can’t breath and will dry out- creating fine lines.


  • Apply foundation straight to your skin, as mentioned it dries out and clogs your skin, ageing you prematurely.
  • When matching foundation to your skin, don’t swatch on your hand or your neck. More often then not hands and necks are paler or tanner then your face and so it’s not reliable. The best place to swatch is from just above your jaw line down to your neck- the “swatch” that seemingly disappears most is the shade for you.
  • Apply foundation purely to your face, it creates a mask look and becomes very obvious that you’re wearing makeup.



  • Use a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter then your foundation colour for under the eyes. The lighter shade will help to highlight and add definition to your face without using shimmer. It creates a “natural” highlight.


  • Conceal without using colour corrector first. Using a concealer under the eyes without colour correcting just highlights your dark circles further. Colour correcting makes the purple under your eyes blend into your skin colour and not look as dark.



  • Use a translucent powder to set.


  • Use a foundation powder to set. Foundation powder has a heavier formula then translucent powder and doesn’t settle into your skin, rather it sits on top creating a “cakey” look.

Contour & Highlight


  • Use a cool-toned brown to contour regardless if you’re warm-toned.
  • Use the contour shade in places that you want to create shadow/recede i.e.: under cheek bones, along/under jaw line, hair line and if you want to get crazy under your bottom lip and on the sides of your nose. Depending on your face shape depends on where you want to contour.
  • Highlight on the areas of the face that you want to draw attention to (the high points) i.e. top of the cheek bone, down the nose, on top of your cupids bow and along the brown bone.
  • Bronze the high points of the face (top of cheek bones, forehead, chin).


  • Use a warm-toned contour shade, the warmth doesn’t help to recede your features, rather it creates a muddy look.
  • Use a shimmery shade to contour, again it just draws attention to the features you’re “hiding”.
  • Use highlight on the apples of your cheeks, often your pores are at their largest on the apples of your cheeks and hence the highlight will make your pores look bigger.



  • Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and blending upwards.


  • Apply blush under the cheek bones.
  • Apply blush in a streak up your face- it makes your face look harsh.



  • Use 1-2 shades darker then your hair colour if you have light hair.
  • Use 1-2 shades lighter then your hair colour if you have dark hair.


  • Use black brow products unless your hair is black- it’ll look like a Sharpie marker otherwise.



  • Prime your lids before eyeshadow, it helps the longevity of your eyeshadow as well as smooth over the texture created by your eyelids.
  • Use a warm tone for your transition/crease colour.
  • Apply eyeliner in small strokes.
  • Follow the angle that is created from your nostril to the end of your brow for your cat eye, you want to create lift.


  • Use shimmer in your crease, the crease is the skin on your face that wrinkles the quickest and shimmer just highlights that.
  • Pull your skin to apply eyeliner, like I said your eyelids are incredibly thin and wrinkle the fastest, if you pull your eyelids to apply eyeliner it’ll wrinkle faster. Also it’ll mean when you “let go” your eyeliner will come away crooked.



  • Line your lips in small strokes going upwards, it’ll help create the illusion of lift.


  • Line your lips in one stroke- it won’t come out “straight” and you’re lips will look turned down.




Hopefully you learned something today, at the end of the day the fun of makeup is experimenting and figuring out what you like on your face and what you don’t.

Hope you feel beautiful today-

Jess XO


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