What I’ve Learnt Since Writing About My Body

As a disclaimer university is ramping up and I’ll be heading back to TAFE for a few weeks and so my posts may be shorter and less frequent but I will be back after a few weeks. Two weeks ago I wrote a difficult post about my struggles with my body image, My Battle with Accepting my Body,  and it received an overwhelming amount of positive response from so many people. I wanted to write a short piece about what I’ve learnt since writing that post.


After posting this piece I received comments from girls who are younger and older then me who had experienced similar feelings about their bodies. I had comments from girls who are several sizes smaller then me and who have hundreds of followers who have felt the same way. It’s insane to me that these girls who I think are absolutely stunning have felt the way I have/do. There were cases where these feelings were created from a significant others or family members rather then the beauty/fashion industry. For significant others or family members who know girls who struggle with their body, any kind of comment whether you think it’s positive or not makes us self-conscious. In a world where we are bombarded with magazines, adverts, videos, movies, etc featuring women that fit an impossible beautiful standard; the last thing we need are comments that draw our attention to the parts of us we’re not okay with.


A person’s worth doesn’t come from their exterior it comes from the essence of the person. It’s a shame that the beauty and fashion industry create and pray on our insecurities but sadly that’s how they make money. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with playing around with makeup, clothes and taking care of your skin and body, I do however think there’s a problem if you’re doing something you don’t enjoy. Wear makeup if you enjoy applying and wearing it but I honestly cringe when I hear girls say they “have” to wear makeup, there’s no law that says you “have” to wear makeup, only the expectations of the beauty and fashion world that are being pushed upon you.


It was insane to me to see all these girls feeling/experiencing the same things I have, but I guess in hindsight it was insane for me to think that others didn’t feel the same way. All women are unique in there beauty but we are all united by the same insecurities; it’s time we stop body shaming each other and instead encouraging each other and lifting each other up to accept our beauty.

Jess XO


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