My Favourite Makeup Products

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In my previous post I stated that things are starting to pick up in craziness for me and it’s true I have some lovely assignments due these next two weeks (yay for content that I won’t remember past this semester but will still have thousands in student debt to pay anyway). I thought this week I’d write just a chatty post about my favourite products to use on my face- call it a makeup artist’s holy grail so to speak. I promise I have some exciting posts coming up for Halloween that I’m really pumped about- but until then here goes.

I have not been endorsed by any of these products, these are the products I love and will be either re-purchasing them or I have already done so numerous times.


Mecca Cosmetica Hydrating Primer, as a student I don’t have hundreds of dollars to throw at different primers for different skin types so I stick to this hydrating primer, which is suitable for all skin types. I personally enjoy this primer as it’s lightweight and helps with adding moisture into the skin. Plus in terms of high-end primers it’s not too expensive compared to some primers I’ve come across.


I’ve got my two must-haves here purely because I can’t decide between the two. Being the pale vampire I am it’s very difficult to find foundations pale enough and pink-toned enough for me. There a lot of pale foundations out there BUT I AM NOT YELLOW-TONED! It’s so frustrating sometimes but I imagine that means I live a very charmed life if my biggest concern is that my foundation looks too yellow on me- so I guess I can’t complain too much.

MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NW10, I’ve purchased this foundation 6+ times since being introduced to MAC back in 2015 when I went to Florida. I know a lot of people aren’t too big of a fan of this foundation but I love it. The formula is easy to build and blend into the skin, and the longevity of it is great (with minimal to no touch-ups needed). I would also like to mention when it comes to high-end foundations it’s not as expensive as others, $49 for 6 months of use. The only negative I have for this particular formula is that it does slightly oxidize, which on one hand makes me look slightly less pale but it doesn’t match me quite as well as my second foundation.

Hourglass Vanish Stick in Blanc, this is my first time purchasing it but I’m pretty impressed; It’s mainly the shade that I’m impressed with, it matches me perfectly. For a stick foundation it’s not a very drying formula which is what I’ve found with the Napoleon Perdis stick foundation, however as it is a stick it takes a bit more blending work. My only concerns are the price, so it’ll be interesting to see how long this foundation lasts me, and that I have to touch up my foundation a lot more then with my Studio Fix. This formula is incredibly buttery and it seems any type of touching, even if it’s sweeping my hair out of my face, also swipes off my foundation.


For colour correcting I use a custom pallet I created at Inglot and I mostly use the green and light peach shade. For a “normal” concealer I have my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly, this is another product that I’ve purchased numerous times. I use it as a cream highlight as well as to help carve out my brows and lips.

Powder & Contour

NYX is where I go to for these two products. NYX HD Finishing Powder is exceptionally finely milled, I don’t like to use foundation powder as a) it makes me look cakey b) it oxidizes my foundation. This powder is also great no matter the skin tone as it’s translucent, so I’m not having to purchase several loose powders with different tones.

NYX Pro Highlight & Contour Pro Palette is a pretty awesome dupe to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ contour palette without the crazy price tag. I love this palette as it includes several shades for different skin tones but also includes a cool-toned brown for my vampiric face.

Blush & Highlight

Being incredibly pale and naturally red as I am I’m not a fan of incredibly pink blushes, however peach blushes don’t always work well with my undertone either. I love MAC’s Full Of Joy blush as it’s an incredibly pale pink, pink enough to give me a glow without it looking like I just ran a marathon. I also enjoy it as it has a matte finish and so it doesn’t draw attention the fullness of my cheeks as much as a shimmery blush would.

For highlight nothing beats an intense glow like Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit, it’s incredibly pigmented and has 6 shades in it. I use the shade Forever Young (a pale lavender) the most,

Brows & Eye shadow

While I like an intense brow I still like my brows to appear natural so I use a MAC shadow in Charcoal Brown for my eyebrows. I use a bit of Fix+ if I want to really intensify my brow. Shadows are easier to build a brow then gel, gel can become too intense too quickly if you’re not careful.

With all the talk about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette and how much people hate it I thought I’d remind everyone of the great palette they released last year- the Modern Renaissance palette. This is a new product of mine and I’m already in love, the shades are so incredibly pigmented and blend nicely; plus the amount of shades gives me a lot of options to play with.

Eyeliner & Mascara

While I can use gel eyeliner quite well, eyeliner pens are just easier and quicker to use and I interchange Stila & L’Oriel’s eyeliner pens, both I’ve re-purchased many times. In terms of mascara I’m loving the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara.

Lipstick & Setting Spray

As my tag line suggests black lipstick is my favourite shade to wear, more importantly Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick in Witches is brilliant. The formula and longevity of the lipstick is incredible.

To set it all Urban Decay’s All-Nighter spray is a cult favourite and mine as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my personal favourite products- watch this space for some awesome Halloween stuff coming!


Jess XO


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