AHS Makeup: Season 3- Zombie


I know, I know, I haven’t been around and I’m sorry uni and TAFE were kicking my ass and frankly I’ve been absolutely exhausted. But I finished my TAFE course last Friday and so I am back, sorry to keep you guys waiting.

So here we are with the second installment of the AHS inspired makeup, and I hear you, “Jess what about season 2?” Here’s the thing I could do a tutorial on the white nun look but that’s just white face paint all over the face and drips of black paint under the eyes. It’s just not very exciting and while I could have done an alien-inspired look, that would’ve required prosthetics on my end and I just haven’t had the time despite my best intentions. So here we go with AHS Season 3: Coven.

A lot of people really didn’t like this season, but it happens to be my favourite season, I love “witch” stuff so much. I used to study Wicca and I was obsessed with learning about the Salem Witch Trials and so it’s my favourite- fight me! I thought about doing a glam witch-inspired look for this and I will if you guys want me too. However, I decided to do a look I’ve never attempted, zombies. In Season 3, as an act of revenge, Marie Laveau (played by Angela Bassett) sets a bunch of zombies on the young witches using her voodoo magic.

So here goes a simple Zombie look…

 The products I used were the following:

  • Mecca Cosmetica: Hydrating Primer
  • Hourglass: Vanish Stick foundation in “Blanc”
  • NYX: HD Finishing Powder
  • Vaseline
  • Liquid Latex
  • Crown: 10 Colour Brow Palette
  • Crown: 35 Colour Matte Eyeshadow Palette
  • Kryolan: Cream Colour Circle “Black Eye” (or any bruise wheel)
  • Kryolan: Fresh Scratch (scab blood)
  • Kryolan: F/X Blood “Dark”


Step 1: Foundation and Latex

I apolagize if I look kind of dead to begin with, I created this look after coming from a 5am city shoot so I was feeling a bit like a zombie to begin with; I figured my dark circles would help sell the look. After priming my face I applied my foundation all over my face, lips and down my neck. I then set my foundation with my NYX finishing powder.

While I realise a zombie wouldn’t have amazing eyebrows, I mean their first priority is brains not brows, I didn’t want to leave my brows bare and so I filled them in using my Crown brow palette.

I then got to work with starting my skin deformities. First and foremost where ever you plan on applying liquid latex first put Vaseline on your face. This means that when you remove the latex afterwards it’s not going to rip any facial hair off your face. To start creating the wounds, take the liquid latex and a disposable sponge (if you use a brush you’ll ruin the brush), and start in thin layers applying the liquid latex in your desired locations. I picked above my eye, close to my mouth and down my neck.

It is important to note that liquid latex is incredibly pungent so it’s best to avoid the eye area as much as possible (and AVOID EYEBROWS AT ALL COST).

Wait for the layer to dry and apply another coat etc, I did about 4/5 layers.


Step 2: Defining the face

While you wait for the latex to completely dry you can start on the rest of the face. Taking a mix of grey, dark blue and purple eye shadow I defined my eye sockets and the bags under my eyes. I also ran it over my temple to create a hollow, as well as used it to contour my cheeks, nose and neck. Lastly I used the mixture of eye shadow to turn my lips slightly grey/blue.

I then took a shade of army/cargo green and swiped it in random places to further discolour my face.


At this stage the latex had dried and so I picked holes out of my latex for where my wounds would be.

 Step 3: Wounds


Taking my bruise wheel I took a mixture of the dark red and dark purple cream and patted it in the gaps of my latex, where the deepest part of my wounds would be. I then took a ripped up disposable sponge (I rip it up so that when I deposit colour it looks patchy and “veiny” like a real bruise) and deposited a green/yellow cream all over the exposed latex and skin surrounding the latex. Closer to the wound I took my ripped sponge and a light purple cream to further “bruise up” my wound.


Surrounding the wounds I took my green cream, purple cream and fine liner brush and created veins around my wounds and eyes. I used my finger to smudge out some of the veins so they wouldn’t stand out and look painted on as much.


Step 4: Finish touches

I used the light purple cream from my bruise wheel to help deepen my contours more. I then took my scab blood and filled in my wound holes. Lastly taking a sponge and my f/x blood I dotted the blood around the wounds and random places to add to the horror, ie I put some bloody fingerprints on my face. Scab blood is a lot thicker/stickier and doesn’t drip, where as f/x blood is incredibly runny and will drip, so be careful of your surroundings when dealing with f/x blood.

I then flipped and messed up my hair to make it look disheveled.


And there you go a simple zombie-inspired look. I’m sorry again for my absence but I’m looking forward to getting back into it. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, look forward to what’s coming guys. Let me know if you guys do end up wanting to see a witch look as well.


Jess XO


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