AHS: Season 4- Glam Clown


Last year it was all about Harley Quinn and this year I imagine I’m going to see a lot of Pennywise clowns. Season 4 of Freakshow probably made me cry the most out of all the seasons, it’s also probably the least gory season. For the look inspired by AHS Freakshow I was inspired by Twisty the Clown, a clown who blew his own face off and wears a mask. A lot of the clowns from AHS and from It etc are very traditional looking, i.e. white face paint, red lips, some blood here and there, I wanted to go more glam with my look. So here goes, enjoy 🙂

Products I used:

Mecca Cosmetica: Hydrating Primer

Inglot: custom colour concealer palette

MAC: Studio Fix foundation in NW10

NARS: Radiant creamy concealer in Chantilly

NYX: HD Finishing Powder

NYX: Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

Too Faced: Sweetheart Blush in Peach Beach

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Aurora Glow Kit

MAC: Eye shadow in Charcoal Brown

Anastasia Beverley Hills: Modern Renaissance Palette

Kat Vond D: Shade & Light Eye contour quad in Smoke

Stila: Smudge Pot in Black

Maybelline: Define Lash Mascara

L’Oriel: Super LinerPerfect Slim

Savvy: Kohl Eyeliner (black)

Stick on gems (you can get them from the $2 shop)

Duo Lash glue

MAC: Lipstick in Diva

Step 1: Base

First I put down my base, I have many tutorials on this blog about what order I put my base down on, but for those who haven’t read them: prime, colour conceal, set concealer, foundation, conceal, set with powder, contour, blush and then highlight.

I then took my MAC eyeshadow and filled in my eyebrows, lining my brows with left over foundation to tidy up the edges.

Step 2: Eyes

Using my Modern Renaissance palette, I took the shade Buon Fresco (a purple taupe colour) and a fluffy brush and swept the colour over my crease as my transition shade. I then took the shade Tempera (a cream colour) and patted it over my lid.

I then took a small pointy brush and the shade Antique Bronze (a warm purple colour) and deepened my outer corners in a “c” kind of formation. In the deepest part of my outer corner I used the shade Cyprus Umber (a deep brown). I then took the shade Vermeer (a pink shimmery champaign colour) all over my lid. Make sure you take a CLEAN fluffy brush and blend to help defuse any lines created. To finish off with the shadows I took an angled brush and the colour Red Ochre (a brick red colour) and blended on my lower lash line.

I took my Stila smudge pot and lined my upper and lower water lines. I then took my L’Oriel eye liner and gave myself a winged liner on my top lash line.

Step 3: Clown shapes


Taking my black shadow from my Kat Von D and an angled brush I drew two triangles on each eye and filled them in. I then took that same shadow and created a small little circle on my nose and filled it in.


Taking that same black shadow I drew a line across my face with one semi-circle on each side of my face and dragged out the line to blend it down my face.


Taking a selection of small and medium sized gems and lash glue I deposited 4 medium gems and 11 small gems over my crease, using the lash glue to glue them to my face. Obviously you can use as many gems as you want and any size you want. I then put a gem on each point of each triangle. I finished off the eyes by applying mascara on my top and bottom lashes.

Step 5: Lips

To finish the look I lined my lips in black kohl liner and filled them in with my red lipstick.

Voila! A glam clown look. This was actually way easier and quicker then some of the other looks I’ve done and honestly as long as you know how to draw triangles you can accomplish this look. Hope everyone is getting as excited about Halloween as I am!


Jess XO


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