2017- The Things I’m Proud Of

Hey guys, I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

So the last time I posted here was a Halloween makeup tutorial, I’m sorry for the lack of posts until now. I had a family member who I was very close to pass away and I’ve been dealing with that. It affected me in a lot of ways including uni scores. I had to take a break as I just had no want to do anything, but I’m trying to get back in to blog posts. This family member always read and printed out my blog posts so I think he’d be disappointed if I gave up.

I’m going back to Melbourne for a week and bit so hopefully that’ll start off 2018 in a more positive light. In the mean while I wanted to make a list of the things that I’m proud of to remind my self that 2017 was not the complete worst. So in no particular order here I go…

1. Hair styling courseΒ 


While at uni during semester 2 I did a hair styling course for my makeup artistry. It was an intense 5 weeks but I learnt a lot and passed the course. I’ve been able to use my news skills on clients since. Thank you to all my hair models who helped me with my course.

2. Getting a HD in PR

Despite the rest of my units not going the best I smashed my PR unit, my group was amazing and we rocked the big assignments- so much so that we got top marks in our class. I’ve been struggling with some of the business core units and I was losing my passion to pursue events. Doing the unit in PR reignited that events is what I’m good at from a business stand point so I’m excited to complete more of my events’ units next year.

3. My Brother and Sister Graduating

On top of all the family and friend drama I’ve been experiencing my little brother and sister (yes, they’re twins) graduated high school and completed their WACE. I’m so proud of them for sticking with their study despite all of us being kind of a mess these past few months.

4. My Friends/Family Accomplishments

This year a lot of mile stones have been made by my friends/family. I’ve had friends turn 21, move out of home, build a home, get engaged (I know scary), I even got a new niece this year (double scary). I’m so proud of what they all have accomplished and that I have been able to be involved- I’m so honoured to surround myself with people who aren’t afraid to go after what they want to. I’ve been able to go to celebrations for my friends/family, help them move, and help do make up etc on friend’s projects and it’s been amazing to help them out. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings them.

5. My Relationship

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and 5 months, which if you’d told me I’d be in a serious relationship that would last over 3 months let alone a year, I would have laughed at you. Shout out to my incredible boyfriend for dealing with the mess of a person I am. I’m really proud of us; how we communicate and go about our relationship.

6. My Journey of Body Acceptance

I won’t go into too much detail because there is a whole blog post on it here. I’m still on that journey but I’m proud of myself for not reverting back to bad habits like over eating or not eating considering what I’ve been feeling the past few months.

7. Underground

So not only do I write content for my blog but I also write content and edit for a non-for-profit online journal/site called Underground. I joined Underground in my first year of University while I was 17 and we were just a few kids trying to figure this all out. Over the past few years we’ve grown quite a lot, to the point where we can now pay our writers who submit us work. I’ve been so proud of our team for keeping at it and pumping out more content even when barely anyone was viewing us.

8. My MUA Business

Around this time last year I launched my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/jessraemakeup) and Instagram account (@jess_the_makeup_artist) for my freelancing makeup career. I wasn’t sure how it would go but I’ve steadily been growing a client base. While I’m certainly not making enough to quit my retail job, I’ve been proud of myself for persevering and gaining clients who aren’t just family members or friends.

Thank you to all who have supported me this year, particularly these last few months. 2017 was hard, really hard, but I’m still proud of what I’ve been able to do and witness. Here is to 2018, may we be able to accomplish the things we want.


Jess xo



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